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My Must Have Wreath Making Tools: Tools Every Wreath Maker Needs


Clauss 7" Wire Cutter

My wire cutter is probably my most used tool.  Within the stems of artificial flowers, there is a wire, and it is pretty hard to cut with a scissor.  Not only is it hard to cut, but it can actually ruin your scissors (trust me, I learned that first hand).

Sure Bonder Glue Pot

My second most favorite item I used while making wreaths is my glue pot.  I like this brand, but you can really use anything you like.  Some people even use electric skillets.  What I like about the glue pot is you do not have to worry about inserting new glue sticks and waiting for them to heat and you do not have to continuously hit a button like a traditional glue gun.  The only downfall of a glue pot is the amount of time it takes to heat up.  Usually when I know I will be making a wreath, I run upstairs, turn it on, and then finishing whatever it is I am doing so that by the time I am done, the glue is ready.

Sure Bonder High Temp Glue Gun

I do not use my glue gun a lot because of my pot but I still do need it when making most of my wreaths.  Sometimes, just to add another layer of glue to make sure my flower stem is really secure in the wreath, I will stick my glue gun into the grapevine itself.

Art Alternatives Classic Lyre Easel

I typically make most of my wreaths on my wall, with the wreath hung from a nail, but, I have ruined that part of the wall.  So if you are making this in a part of your house where you need to preserve your walls, an easel is the way to go.  I love using my easel too, especially when I am making videos.  But, you need a sturdy easel.  I have the regular green metal ones that I use to display my wreaths, but I do not like making my wreaths on them.

Floral Wire 

Floral wire is one of my best friend's when making a wreath.  I use floral wire for all of my bows and to also attach things to my wreath.  Sometimes I have also used floral wire to keep some of the greenery from moving if that is the look I am going for.

Floral Tape

I use my floral tape a lot for hoop wreaths.  Hoop wreaths are wreaths made typically on a metal hoop.  Glue is usually not enough and often times because the hoop is so small the flowers will fall right off.  

Wired Wooden Floral Picks

Ever cut a stem too short and now it is not holding onto the grapevine by glue?  Or have you ever bought a bunch of flowers or greenery and when you pull it apart some of the stems are very short?  Well, my friend, that is where a floral pick comes in.  You can buy them in multiple sizes and they are pretty cheap.  I typically use the 2.5" one.  They have a wire that is attached to it that you wrap around the stem.  I always add a little bit of glue too!

Zip Ties

Zip ties are another best friend of mine for wreaths and so much of my outside decor.  They are so strong and can really secure just about anything.  Recently I made a flag wreath and used a standard sized flag to attach it to a 24" grapevine wreath and used a bunch of zip ties.  They are always great to have on hand in your home.

Pipe Cleaners

You have no idea how many times I have used pipe cleaners.  I use them to attach signs to my wreath and I also use them to secure my wreath when shipping (there will be a blog post eventually showing you how I package and secure my wreaths.

Heavy Duty Staple Gun:

I do not use this often because I do not typically make a lot of wreaths with signs on them.  But if you are a sign lover, you will need this.  I use 1/4 inch staples because if it is any bigger it could staple through the front of the sign and that won't look so pretty, would it?  

You can shop around for all of these different products and find the best deals out there.  I have bought my products all over from Michaels to Amazon to Papermart to local shops in my area.  Start by doing a quick google shopping search, then a coupon search, and boom, you will have yourself some great wreath making tools.


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