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Different Ways to Preserve and Store a Wreath

 I have been asked so many times, how I store all of my wreaths.  Since I make wreaths and am fortunate to have a work space in my home, I have all of my wreaths either on wreath stands or hanging on the wall using thumbtacks.  Purchasing a high quality wreath can be costly, I know, but it is all worth it, especially if you learn how to store and preserve it. 

To start, I always recommend my customers to try to keep their wreath in a protected location outside, avoiding full, direct sun.  If left in the elements, the wreath will not last long as rain and strong winds can be damaging.  The sun also fades the colors in the wreath.  Sometimes, this is unavoidable, but you must be prepared to most likely purchase a new wreath each year.

If you are able to keep the wreath somewhat protected outside, then you will most likely be able to use it the following year if not years.  There are many different ways you can store a wreath and also many ways you should avoid storing your wreath.  The biggest No No is stacking wreaths on top of each other.  When you do this, you pose the risk of items in the wreath breaking in addition to flattening it.  

One way to store a wreath is by using a wreath bag.  You can buy wreath bags anywhere for all different prices.  After putting your wreath in the bag, I recommend hanging it in a closet using a hanger or leaning it against a wall in your home or garage.  

Another way to store wreaths is by hanging them inside your home.  You are probably thinking to yourself, "How can I do that?"  "I cannot have random wreaths of all different seasons and holidays hanging in my living room."  You are right.  But have you ever thought about a staircase or a place in your home that no one really goes, such as a wall in your boiler room, in your attic, or anywhere else you can think of.  Below is an example of wreaths being hung and stored in a stairwell leading to the basement.



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