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How to Style a Christmas Tree Topper Bow

Do you dread unpacking your Christmas decor every year like I do?  I am a bad packer so it is a disaster scene when it comes time for me to decorate.  No matter what I do my bows are always squished.  In this video, I will show you how to unsquish and fluff your bow to make it look like the first day you purchased it.  Hope you enjoy!

Different Ways to Preserve and Store a Wreath

 I have been asked so many times, how I store all of my wreaths.  Since I make wreaths and am fortunate to have a work space in my home, I have all of my wreaths either on wreath stands or hanging on the wall using thumbtacks.  Purchasing a high quality wreath can be costly, I know, but it is all worth it, especially if you learn how to store and preserve it.  To start, I always recommend my customers to try to keep their wreath in a protected location outside, avoiding full, direct sun.  If left in the elements, the wreath will not last long as rain and strong winds can be damaging.  The sun also fades the colors in the wreath.  Sometimes, this is unavoidable, but you must be prepared to most likely purchase a new wreath each year. If you are able to keep the wreath somewhat protected outside, then you will most likely be able to use it the following year if not years.  There are many different ways you can store a wreath and also many ways you should avoid storing your wreath.  The b

How to Make Simple Crostini

 Crostini is great to pair with so many different foods or to just eat as a snack.  I usually always use it with homemade bruschetta.  Check out my blog for the  Bruschetta Recipe Ingredients: loaf of baguette bread extra virgin olive oil cracked black pepper sea salt Preheat oven to 350 degrees. The first step in making crostini is cutting the bread about 1/2 an inch thick. Next, lay parchment paper on a baking sheet and lay each piece of bread onto it.  Then, using a brush coat one side of the bread with oil, add some pepper and salt, flip the bread over, and repeat. Once the oven reaches 350 degrees, put the crostini in for about 8 minutes, flip it over and bake for an additional 8 minutes.  Oven temperatures vary, so I recommend checking on it a few times.  You want it to be golden brown on both sides.  Tip: If you are not eating it right away, I will let it cook more to make it crunchier.  The reason behind this, is if you make them and are using them the next day, they taste a bi

How to Make Bruschetta

Don't you just love the taste of homemade bruschetta?  It is such a light snack or appetizer and super simple to make.   Ingredients: 8-10 roma tomatoes 4 fresh garlic cloves balsamic vinegar marinated/seasoned fresh mozzarella sea salt fresh basil 1 medium red onion First, wash the tomatoes, cut off both sides, slice, then dice.  I use a strainer after I dice them to remove some of the extra seeds then and add to a large bowl.   Then peel and chop of the onion in small pieces. Peel and mince the garlic. I use the rubber oxo garlic peeler to take the peels off easier and a mincer.  Chop up about 5-6 large pieces of basil.  Take the mozzarella out of the container and cut it into small pieces and add to the bowl.   Finally, use a few pinches of salt and about a 1/4 of a cup of balsamic (more or less to your liking) and mix everything together.  If you would like you can replace the fresh mozzarella with shaved parmesan cheese.   Check out my other blog  Simple Crostini Recipe  which