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Best Greenery to Use for Wreaths and Floral Arrangements

Everyone always thinks flowers, but did you know that greenery is just as important, especially when making a wreath or floral arrangement?  When I first starting making wreaths, greenery was my weak point.  I never really knew much about greenery except for the leaves that were on the flowers.  Today I am going to tell you some of my favorite greeneries I use and the purposes they serve. I will also include pictures on the bottom to show you what they look like!  Boston Fern: This type of Boston Fern is perfect for whimsical, full, wildflower types of wreaths.  This fern kind of goes with the flow and you can position it in a wild way to give your wreath a fuller effect. Boston Fern: This type of Boston Fern gives your wreaths and arrangements a dramatic look.  Often, the leaves are quite dark, long, and bold. Eucalyptus Bush: This is a smaller, more condensed eucalyptus. I use this when I am making a full wreath.   Long Leaf Eucalyptus: This style of eucalyptus has a longer, thin l