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My Favorite Hobbies

H obby is a common word in my life, as I have so many of them.  I can remember my first boyfriend when I was 17 years old and I was so impressed by him because he was such a well-rounded person.  I always said, he knew a little bit about a lot and I strived to be like that when I became an adult.  He had so much knowledge, so many interests, and so many hobbies.  My family had a few hobbies as well that have rubbed off on me. I am a licensed therapist and high school counselor and I talk about hobbies all the time to my clients and students.  I feel that hobbies are so good for the soul.  It helps us to unwind, to practice mindfulness, to help us refocus, and to help us feel accomplished.  Below are a few of my favorite hobbies. Wreaths I am by no means artistic.  I actually struggle drawing a straight line and no I am not exaggerating.  My mom on the other hand was VERY ARTISTIC.  She has painted some of the most beautiful paintings I have seen and one of her favorite artists was Thom