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Different Ways to Use Mini Wreaths and How to Hang Mini Wreaths

Have you ever seen a mini wreath and just fall in love?  Sometimes these cute little wreaths are overlooked because they are not large and extravagant.  But, they really can add a special touch to parts of your home.  The possibilities on where to hang mini wreaths are endless.  Keep reading to see some of your options!

French Doors:

French doors inside of your home are gorgeous alone.  But look at these french doors with a set of wreaths on them.  The wreaths on this door are on a 14" base, but they could have been smaller or even larger.  It really depends on your preference.  But it just adds a personal touch and still leaves a large enough space to see the beauty of french doors. The way I hung this was by using a command post hook.  Command strips have never ruined my glass and the bow covers them so you will not see them at all.  Super easy and super cheap.

Backs of Dining Chairs, Island Chairs, or Bar Chairs:

I have always loved seeing wreaths on the back of chairs during the different seasons and especially the holidays. It just makes everything so festive.  The wreath pictured above is much smaller than the french door wreath. The base of this mini wreath is 10".   Hanging wreaths on chairs unfortunately is not as easy as french doors but it can be done.  This wreath has wires tired to parts of the opening of the chair.  It looks a bit ugly on the other side, but is not very noticeable and people will be sitting so no one will ever see it.  Now... if you have chairs with full backs, that can become harder.  You can try to tape the wire and if the wreath is not heavy, it should hold.  But, if your chairs are fabric, as mine are, it probably will not hold.  I am going to try pew clips on mine this season since my chairs are new and see if that will work.  


This little guy is one of my favorites because of its' simplistic nature and sparkle.  I just love cedar during Christmas time.  And the best part is, due to this wreath having a more neutral look, it can be used all winter.  This wreath is only 6" but I could have gone bigger if I wanted to.  I would say no more than a 10" base.  For this wreath, I taped the extra wire from the bow behind the mirror.  You do not see the wire going over the top of the mirror to the back of the mirror because it is covered with the bow.  

Kitchen Cabinets:

Mini wreaths can really be hung on any cabinet.  But the most common cabinet is a corner cabinet.  I sadly do not have one :(, but many people do.  You can also hang a wreath, if you have cabinets above the microwave over the stove or on the hood above your stove.  For the wreath pictured above, I hung it the same way I hung the winter wreath.  I took the wire behind the bow, put it over the top of the cabinet (bow blocks it) and then taped it to the inside of the door.

Check out my video showing you different ways I hang mine!

Trust me, even though I make wreaths that are pretty, hanging is not always pretty, and many times there is some sort of ugly with hanging that may not be the best way, but if it works, is hidden, and I have a pretty wreath hanging, I am a happy girl!  I am launching for the first time, sets of mini wreaths for the fall in my Etsy shop and just listed them today.  And do not worry, if I see people like these a lot, I will be doing some for the winter as well.  Go take a look and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!


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